VCE Music Exam Preparation

VCE Music Performance Exam Preparation lessons are designed to get you ready and confident for your final exams. We cover preparation for both the written and the performance exam.

Written Exam Lessons cover:

  • Interval Recognition
  • Scales and Modes
  • Melodic Recognition and Transcription
  • Rhythmic Recognition and Transcription
  • Chord Recognition
  • Chord Progressions
  • Notation Conventions
  • Analysis of Pre-Recorded Works

Performance Exam Lessons cover:

  • Repertoire Selection
  • Memorisation Help
  • Performance Practice
  • Tone and Expression
  • Getting an Accompanist

Our lessons are tailored to your needs, and can assist you with as many areas as required. We can provide you with a couple of lessons as a lead-in to one or both of the exams, or work as a tutor to supplement your VCE classes throughout terms 3 and 4. Our lessons are flexible and can be organised to suit your timetable, whether after school, before school, or during free periods.

We work for young adults, many of whom have large costs associated with each unit they take. Because of this, we try to keep our lessons cheap and straightforward to organise.

Organising a Lesson

The first lesson with Ellen McCarthy Music is always free! This is so we can establish where you’re at and what you need to work on. We’ll also go over how many lessons you require and your timetable. After that, all VCE Exam Preparation lessons are $30 a session.

The VCAA Website

All of the details of what your exams require stem from VCAA, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. We keep up-to-date on all of this information straight from the source, so that you will not be caught out on exam day. We can provide you with sample exams from previous years, as well as practice exams written by us according to VCAA guidelines. As the resources that VCAA provides can occasionally be difficult to understand, we will walk you through each requirement to get you prepared and exam-ready.

About My Music Exam Preparation Lessons

Lessons are suitable for people aged 5 and over and are suited to people who just want to have fun, as well as those pursuing a career in music

I have a Working with Children Check, First Aid Certificate, and extensive experience in teaching and voice performance ensuring a safe and effective teaching environment.

Lessons are great fun, and include exercises, theory and skills that build both confidence and technique ensuring that you not only have a great time, but also become a better musician.

Lessons are great for building confidence in people of all ages, especially younger students where it is especially important to build a healthy level of confidence.

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